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Step into the rich history and vibrant ambiance of Central Cigars and Ruby’s Elixir, a cherished establishment woven into the fabric of downtown St. Petersburg since the late 90s. Founded by Greg Haddad, a proud fifth-generation native of the city, Central Cigars initially emerged as a haven for cigar aficionados seeking the finest selection without venturing to Tampa. Over the years, our humble beginnings as a cigar store blossomed into a multifaceted destination. From the addition of a cozy coffee lounge to the transformation into a full-liquor bar adorned with plush leather furnishings in "The Havana Room," our evolution has mirrored the city's dynamic spirit. In 2011, we embraced our latest incarnation, Central Cigars and Ruby’s Elixir, in response to the burgeoning demand for live music. Today, Central Cigars remains the premier destination for premium cigars and accessories in St. Petersburg, while Ruby’s Elixir stands as the quintessential smoking-friendly live music lounge. Experience the magic of downtown St. Petersburg's hidden gem, where local talent and renowned acts converge seven nights a week. Join us and become a part of our storied legacy.

Our Legacy 

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